“Groove excels at being super simple to use … Go get it!””
– Preshit Deorukhkar, beautifulpixels.com

Simple & fast

Start, drag, tap – and off you go.
We made this app
as simple as possible.
So you don't waste time perfecting your timing.

Highly accurate

We checked and checked again.
We even ran it against
an AC/DC-Song*.
Result: This app is precise.
You can bet on it.
*AC/DC pretty much invented rhythm and time

Any rhythm - any time

Want to groove to a 13/16 beat?
Slowjam a 12/8? No problem.
Groove offers lots of flexibility.

Built with love

We love music –
and beautiful pixels and code.
This app was made to fulfill our very own needs.
And we love to share it with you.

“Useful…rock solid…
top-notch metronome”
– John Walden, musicappblog.com
“Absolument magnifique!”
“Does its job with a minimum of fuss but a maximum of class.”
– John Walden, musicappblog.com

About me.
And Groove.

I have always loved music, long before I discovered my passion for design. I played guitar in different bands and wouldn't miss that for anything.

I am much indebted to my guitar teacher Thomas Grube who not only taught me to play but sharpened my sense for timing and rhythm. I found that I could make even simple tunes sound great with good timing. I guess that’s what groove is all about.

I created this app as a musician, for musicians. And I designed it as an excercise in merging form and function with a clear focus on essentials. I hope you like it.